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Cubitron II Flexible Grinding Wheel (pack of 5)
Brand 3M
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3M Cubitron II
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The 3M Cubitron II Flexible Grinding Wheel is a high-performance abrasive disc designed for tough grinding jobs. It is designed with precision-shaped grains that self-sharpen and remain calm even under extreme pressure, resulting in a faster and more efficient cutting action than standard abrasive discs. The wheel can be used on various materials, including stainless steel, mild steel, and difficult-to-grind alloys. Its design also reduces vibrations and noise levels, making it more comfortable and safer for the operator. In addition, its advanced features and precision-engineered design make it a dependable and efficient choice for heavy-duty grinding.

  • Designed to grind, shape and sand on a variety of metal materials
  • 3M™ Precision Shaped Grain offer excellent cut rate and enhanced flexibility vs standard depressed center grinding wheels
  • Resin bond helps retain strength and performance under grinding operations
  • Available in a variety of sizes and grades 


What's in the box

3M Cubitron II Flexible Grinding Wheel x 5 pcs


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